Wild Elephant Attacks Vehicle in Indian Tiger Reserve (Video)

Wild Elephant Attacks Vehicle in Indian Tiger Reserve (Video)CC0Asia & Pacific08:03 30.07.2019Get short URL



New Delhi (Sputnik): A wild elephant attacked a mini truck of a jungle resort in southern Karnataka’s Bandipur National Park.

The jumbo, however, retreated after charging and damaging the front of the vehicle. The vehicle belonged to a resort inside the Tiger Reserve, which is a trendy tourist destination in southern India.

​A few days ago, a tusker had attacked a passenger bus on the national highway passing through the National Park. 

​Bandipur National Park is the largest protected wildlife habitat in southern India and the largest reserve for wild elephants in South Asia. It spreads over an area of 874 square kilometres, spanning the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

A national highway passes through the Park linking Kozhikode in Kerala and Mysore in Karnataka. Traffic on this road is banned from dusk to dawn to allow the free movement of wild animals, as there had been many wildlife fatalities caused by speeding vehicles.


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