Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin share regrets of never competing in WWE match

Hulk Hogan and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin have spoken of the regret they feel at never having the opportunity to have a match together.

Hogan was speaking to Austin on an episode of the latter’s podcast and confessed that one of his greatest regrets in wrestling was that they never had a match.

The pair did share a WrestleMania card at X-8 in 2002 when Hogan wrestled The Rock in one of the event’s most iconic matches, and Austin battled Scott Hall.

“As a heel I could have put anybody over, but when I got the reaction I got with The Rock, I thought you would be next,” Hogan told Austin.

“Vince asked me to work with The Rock but I was hoping to get to you. I know you were working through a bunch of physical stuff and I get that, I totally get it.

“We could’ve looked at each other and the roof would have blown off the place. You were so over at the time and I was so hated, it would have been great.

“It’s in my craw that I never got to work with you.”

Austin was still competing in 2002 but his medically-enforced retirement was less than a year away and he admits he was ‘in a bad space’ when discussions about a Hogan match were held.

“I was in such a different headspace back when that window of opportunity presented itself and I kick myself for not doing it,” Austin said. “I was so frazzled towards the end, I was in a bad space.


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